There are several methods of providing support to SCSSA. 

1) Be an active member of SCSSA.  Encourage your son or daughter to attend practices regularly and pay training fees early (these fees cover the cost of consumables and equipment used during practice..  Competition is important; encourage your child to compete in more events.  You can personally help scoring, record keeping, administering tests, organizing awards dinners, etc.

2) You may donate directly to SCSSA.  Direct support is always welcome.

3) When you join the NRA or renew your membership in NRA a portion is allocated to SCSSA if you use the links on our website.

4) You may donate to Midway USA Foundation, Inc. where you can earmark your donation for the benefit of SCSSA as one of the registered teams.  Donated funds are matched by Midway and we can request up to 5% each year to use in our budget.

5) Your employer may match contributions made by you  to SCSSA.  This increases the benefit of any contribution you make.

6) Promote SCSSA to other youth you know.  Share with others how your son or daughter has benefited from SCSSA.